Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Adblock Fast, Browser Samsung Be More Tight

Adblock Fast, Browser Samsung Be More Tight
Through an update, the default Internet browser on mobile gadgets Samsung now provides ad blocker features (adblock). The update is over-the-air or automatic is available. However, for now the new smartphone and tablet Lollipop Samsung Android operating system (version 5.1) and above who can try out the features.

Samsung adblock mechanism in the browser similar to adblock on Apple's Safari browser IOS 9 which first existed. Users simply install adblock applications available on the "plugins". Afterwards, all the sites visited will be clean of advertising.

By doing so, loading the site is said to be faster to 51 percent. The use of internet data can be reduced. Adblock first application available on Samsung Internet is "Adblock Fast". The service is also available on iOS, Chrome and Opera.

Fast Adblock is a free application and are open (open source). Currently, the application is already used more than 200 thousand netizens on various platforms.

Unknown, non-Samsung users can also download the Samsung Internet browser to get the benefits adblock. Condition, phones that use the Android operating system Lollipop upwards. Please open this link to download. In the next few months, the ability adblock Samsung Internet also will be expanded to older Android devices.