Tuesday 14 June 2016

Review : Fingerprint Unlocking in vivo V3

Review : Fingerprint Unlocking in vivo V3
Feature unlock on mobile phone wearing technology fingerprint (fingerprint unlocking) today has such become of interest. More modern and safer because inimitable. For those of you who prioritize privacy and data security must have only fingerprint unlocking feature is very useful.

Technology fingerprint unlocking too much at once. Compare with conventional unlocking method where you have to turn the monitor over-cellular telephone first. First enter password No. or gestures. Conventional methods such as this takes 2 seconds.

While the shared technology such as fingerprint unlocking imaginable in vivo V3, you are able to simultaneously connect key passable stick a finger in the inspection sector which is located in the rear casing vivo V3, so the monitor can open immediately. Dikala requisite reached 0.2 seconds! Amazing is not it? This factor will take place because vivo V3 has Fiture faster fingerprint unlocking.

This is because vivo V3 give support fingerprint identification system 360 ° so you could access the key monitor of which side too. Location fingerprint identification is made in accordance with the size of a finger. Then you can simultaneously connect with monitor key vivo V3.

The news regarding the fingerprint You also stored in separate section of the room storability of data hp. no virus that could get in there to be ascertained fingerprint data you safe. Feature fingerprint identification in vivo V3 You could also use data encryption which is the range of applicability.

Since the Start of the list of telephone contacts, SMS, photo & video gallery, chatting up the implementation of social infrastructures, could you protect confidentiality. Pass set any application that you want to 'lock' mode through which visitors could be regulated through security, or privacy mode which is able to be set via the i-manager. Feature fingerprint in vivo V3 You were able to use for taking pictures in the camera sector.

Not Just Faster Fingerprint Unlock feature which is more direct and accurate, V3 vivo also have another advantage in number Jack of all trades simultaneously. Call it, the performance of which more directly with 3GB RAM and 64 bit processors octa-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon. Faster Pula Shots, the operational capabilities of camera which is more direct.