Thursday 21 January 2016

Reading secret WhatsApp messages without the sender Unknown

Reading secret WhatsApp messages without the sender Unknown
Instant messaging application WhatsApp users would have understood, black check mark next to a message means that the message has been sent, the check has been received two black and two blue tick means that the message has been read.

But there are times when the recipient does not want the sender to know when the message has been read, by reason of each course. For those of you that are included in such group can follow the following tips, how to read messages in WhatsApp without having to make two black check mark to blue.

WhatsApp is providing a feature to disable the blue check mark (read-receipt) in the menu, but this setting applies both ways.

When activated, the user can not see whether the message has been read. However, there are other solutions to solve this problem. The secret lies in Airplane Mode feature that exists in every smartphone device.

If you receive a WhatsApp message you want to read without making the sender know, change the mode smartphone in Airplane Mode before opening the message.

In this mode, all applications will be offline, but all received messages have been received and stored in the cache smartphone to read.

Previously, make sure the WhatsApp application was not opened during turn on Airplane Mode. By turning off the data, then WhatsApp can not tell the server that sent the message has been opened and read.

Users can freely read all the messages in this mode Airplane mode without worrying about the sender know. Nevertheless mode Airplane Mode is disabled, WhatsApp server can identify whether the message sent has been read.

Keep in mind, this trick only applies to private messages only. A read-receipt for all messages sent in the conversation group (group chat) will always be active.