Friday 22 January 2016

Facebook Opponent ISIS with 'Attack Thumb'

Facebook Opponent ISIS with 'Attack Thumb'
Facebook wants to fight ISIS with "blue thumb" magic, aka the "Like" button available on the social networking service. Resistance to the thumb was called up with "Like Attack". As the name suggests, "strike up" is intended to flood the accounts associated with the ISIS Like and positive comments contrary to posting negative tone.

This was revealed by the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg when speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Sandberg tears in the case of a Facebook page supporting neo-Nazi party in Germany. Instead blasphemous and disseminate negative messages, noisier hundreds of Facebook users in the country deliberately Like and instead give positive comments. As a result, when the post was re-opened page, the impression that has been reversed.

"What was once (Facebook page) is filled with messages of hate and intolerance, is now full of tolerance and spreading hope," says Sandberg.

He then said that the campaign could also try to fight ISIS on Facebook.

"The best way to fight the ISIS recruiter recruiter at Facebook is the sound itself, which then realized his mistake and returned to share the real story," says Sandberg.

"Against the spread of the message of hate with positive message is the best way at the moment," he added.

Meanwhile, top US officials also asked Sandberg to modify the Facebook tools that can prevent the suicide attempt, to counter the spread of radicalism message through Facebook. Currently Facebook users can mark (flag) will make friends suspected suicide attempt, when they see a post that lead to such efforts.

Executives in technology from the US and then discuss whether the same system can also be used to fight the spread of radicalism and terrorism or not.